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另,我近年落笔越来越少,虽仍维持写日记,在互联网的夹缝中自娱,但世事急转总是出于我的意料,很多话不便讲,如此记录也不是我的初心,便将部分日记从线上撤下了。我仍不免愤怒,但也明白什么也改变不了。偶想及于此,多是借余先生的话宽慰自己:“当时开笔欲回天,今日重思徒悔惭。回首卅年聊自解,有言毕竟胜无言。” 虽真实的话不便袒露,但仍勉力记叙,我想这也是博客精神的所在:我们的书写,是为了寻找我们内在的自由。廿二年五月记于海淀。

Hello! Welcome to my blog, I’m a Ph.D Candidate majoring in Demography. This blog is based on GitHub and Hexo, and predominantly about my thoughts, my reviews, my travel diaries, mostly in Chinese. My main fields of academic interests are about population health and social science methods.
In my spare time, I love trip, Buddhist art, craft beer and cocktails. Besides, my favorite writers are Hsien-yung Pai (白先勇), Tso-jen Chou (周作人) and Yu-tang Lin (林语堂).

This is a personal testimony, a testimony of my own experience of thought and life. It is not intended to be objective and makes no claim to establish eternal truths. In fact I rather despise claims to objectivity in philosophy; the point of view is the thing. I should have liked to call it “A Lyrical Philosophy,” using the word “lyrical” in the sense of being a highly personal and individual outlook. (The Importance of Living, Yu-tang Lin)

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